Michael Jackson’s Doctor Spills Michael’s Deepest Darkest Secrets

Michael Jackson was a weird guy. We loved him for it. We still love him for it. But it did make him an ever-complicated person and nearly a decade after his death, his secrets are still coming out. Dr. Conrad Murray (the doctor famous for over-prescribing medication to the late pop star) has taken it on as his responsibility to share these secrets though he promised he would never speak a word of Michael’s confessions to him as a patient.

In his tell-all book titled This Is It, the slimy physician lets everyone in on secrets Michael banked on no one ever knowing about him. It’s known that Michael was an abuse victim. It’s known that this abuse led Michael to make some of his more questionable and controversial decisions. When talking to Murray:

He began talking vaguely, seeming to have more difficulty describing precisely what happened to him. Maybe he was almost at the limit to his cathartic confession that night.

Or maybe he didn’t really want to say these things to someone who may have had intentions of betraying him. It was during this confession that Michael alluded to a number of procedures he may have undergone. Per Daily Mail:

Michael Jackson had hormone injections when he was 13 to delay puberty and keep his voice high, his ex doctor has claimed.

F**k. I already have trust issues and now I probably can’t trust a doctor. He goes on to get petty:

It turned out he always wore socks because he was so ashamed of the way his feet looked. The fact Michael’s feet, something critical to him, were in such poor condition was a sign not only had he neglected himself but those around him were not keeping a close eye on his well-being.

This man can no longer practice medicine in three states. Do you feel any better knowing these things about MJ? Or do you feel dirty?

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