MMA Fighter Cyborg Santos Got His Head Caved In Last Saturday, Literally

Last night at Bellator 158, Cyborg Santos faced Michael Venom Page in a pretty anticipated MMA match. Short story, things did not go as planned for Cyborg. Near the end of the second round, MVP landed a perfectly timed knee which sent Cyborg to the mat writhing in pain.

Not realizing how much damage he actually caused, MVP celebrated Pokémon style rolling a Poké Ball towards the ko’d Santos.

When things calmed down, we learned that Cyborg Santos had a fractured skull. There was a literal dent in his head. Jesus christ.

There’s now a GoFundMe campaign for Santos for the medical costs for his surgery. To fix the dent… IN HIS SKULL!

I think that deserves a replay. Let’s listen to the sound.

Even MVP showed his support for Santos.

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