Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ Gets Its First Trailer

If you’re like me, you’ve already read my Luke Cage spiel. And I’m going to be honest and say that all things Luke Cage are overshadowing other potentially great things going in the world right now.

Marvel is wading itself ankle deep in every water imaginable. There’s no way to really tell how this works from a production standpoint. Is Marvel even real? What are we doing? Is something more sinister going on and they just want to keep us distracted with more superhero films than we really know what to do with?

Enter Iron Fist.

It begins with a plane crash, and a young Danny being comforted by his mother. While whether or not she survives it not made clear in the footage, the young boy does live, and finds himself strapped to an airplane seat on the side of a snowy mountain. He is found by a pair of monks who presumably save him, and that’s when his journey to superhero-dom begins.

There is a lot of mystique around the character just like any good origin story and the trailer sets the scene. Some of us less diehard fans are not intimately acquainted with the man who presumably becomes Iron Fist. For us dummies, Iron Fist seems like it could be one of the most perfect marriages between writing, Disney hegemony and the growth of a new kind of superhero.

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