People Are Taking Calvin Harris’ Side in the Taylor Swift Break Up

Color me not surprised at all.

For one thing, everyone blames women for everything. And another thing, it looks like this time it might actually be Taylor Swift’s fault because she picks up and drops famous dudes left and right for song fodder with some kinda manufactured America’s sweetheart persona while there is really a shady bitch under there.

From BroBible:

It all started when news broke that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift had broken up for an exceptionally stupid reason involving a song the two of them wrote together, but kept secret as to prevent their relationship from overshadowing the track itself.

Mixing business and pleasure. The number one mistake. You never kiss on the mouth, guys.

The two went their separate ways, and Harris went on a Twitter rant calling out Swift for being a piece of s**t and running her mouth about their song, followed by Katy Perry dropping a hammer on the shitstorm that’d been brewing – and now that people know what ACTUALLY went down between the two, fans have been flocking to take Harris’ side with the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty.

I have been over Taylor Swift from day one. Her music is ok. Her voice isn’t that good. She dances like a stale Olive Garden breadstick. Everyone who has met her says she’s terrible (but according to her publicist, this is totally not true). I respect her as the face of a well-oiled money making and media manipulating machine, but not really as an artist or person. And Twitter is also done. Look at this.


If they really are even dating. That’s probably not real.

If that was also even real. Hmmmm….

It will never end. 13-year-old girls love Taylor Swift. Too bad for us.

Oooooh s**t. Even Katy Perry went in. Oooooh s**t.

Considering Taylor has allegedly stabbed Kanye West, Calvin Harris, and countless other people in the back, how long till we can just write her off as the bitchy high school girl her demographic mostly is?

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