Pokemon Go Could Lead to a Real World Game of Thrones App

I’m just gonna watch ya’ll millennials run around tripping into potholes chasing virtual Emilia Clarkes while I stand on my lawn and shake my cane.

From Uproxx:

In case you’ve been taking a Snorlax-like nap over the past week, Pokémon Gois all the rage. The app has made Nintendo billions, caused multiple car accidents, injured dozens more, solved our national obesity crisis, inspired a remix contest, ended a romantic relationship, helped rescue dogs, and renewed interest in a Pokémon movie.

It’s also trying my patience. You can’t go for a walk without playing a video game? Enjoying being outside is really that revolutionary for some of y’all? Come on.

Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, and one of the California company’s product marketers, Archit Bhargava, recently told GameSpot that “we’re really trying to create the genre of real-world gaming. No one’s really done this in a way that we were all excited about.” He added, “It’s all about getting people moving, getting them exploring the world around them.” Such as:

“We’re not that worried about the effect that each game might have on the other, but what we’re hoping is that with both these games, the overall pie of real world games will increase. There could be a board game you could make in the real world where people are capturing locations like Risk or something. My personal fantasy is like a Game of Thrones game where Westeros is mapped out on Earth and you join House Stark or whatever.”

Maybe it’s just because I’m not cool, but I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones and thought ‘I wish I could experience this personally. I wish Westeros was real. This looks like a great time.’

What’s next? A House of Cards game where you get to strangle a virtual injured dog with your bare hands? Have a virtual threesome with your security guard and wife in the Dunkin’ Donuts?

Oh wait, actually. Sign me up for that s**t.

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