Selena Gomez Shoots Herself in the Foot Throwing the Weakest Shade of All Time

Selena Gomez learned the hard way that calling out other people for not taking a stand about anything important and never saying anything worthwhile doesn’t work when you have no balls and no worthwhile opinions.

We all know that an all out Kim and Kanye vs Taylor Swift war is going on right now, and Selena Gomez saw fit to get involved, kind of on the behalf of her best friend Tay-tay but not really, with a few, pretty generic tweets that don’t really say anything.

Twitter had some s**t to say to her though, that was entirely non-generic and sounded like it came from real people and not a disappointed wine mom who’s given up on having a personality.

This chick has like an 8 part Twitter essay just chewing her to pieces. It keeps me warm.

Haaaaaaaaaaa. I bet the Taylor Swift PR machine is scrambling to figure out how to make Taylor the victim in all this.


In her favor, Selena is straight up. All she wants to do is look good for you. She’s not a real person.

There is a lot of that.

Apparently she’s Karen. Dumb as literal f**k.

This would be my favorite tweet, if not for this last one.

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