Taylor Swift Is Like Really Good at Making Money, Number 1 at Making Money, In Fact

Alright before we get started here, let’s get one thing straight: fuck Taylor Swift. She’s managed to find a way to make pop culture–my reason for living–positively exhausting. She’s managed to make writing about her a chore. But at the end of the day, I respect the hell out of a bitch. As a woman, I don’t have to like her, but I do have an obligation to support her as a businesswoman, as a PR maven and as a gorgeous goddess of a woman. Whatever she’s doing… it’s working.

Although, Kimmy K was chosen to Forbes magazine as the cover star for the 100 highest paid celebrities, Taytay takes Number 1 on the list. That’s 45 up from Kimmy and 20 places higher than ex-bae Calvin Harris. And she’s still fucking climbing. She’s dominated the press for the last month with every new relationship photo a bitch can have and so what? I guess she’s happy and greedy.

Her 1989 World Tour made more than $200 million, which to put that into perspective, is Kim Kardashian’s entire net worth. I mean what’s there really to say here? Check out the list for yourself. Personally, I’m glad to see more and more women making some serious bread this year.

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