Taylor Swift, With Zero VMA Nominations, Will Not Be Beating Beyoncé This Time

Notice anything about this year’s VMA nominations? Debuted yesterday via Facebook Live, Beyoncé scored a career-best 11 nominations for the marvel that is/was/will be Lemonade, Adele got 7 nominations for ‘Hello’ alone, Ye got a couple nods for his infamous ‘Famous’ music video but one name is absent from the list. With not one mention of Taylor Swift, I’m left wondering how touching her In Memoriam tribute could be. This is retribution for 2009. For seven years, we have demanded reparations. Seven years later, we might actually get them.

But while this totally looks like a snub and I’m going to continue to live my life as if it were the industry begging Taylor Swift to shut up for a while, there are some valid reasons for why the VMAs decided not to acknowledge her this time around. 1989 came out nearly two years already. Swift toured it for over a year, but it’s done now. The jams are buried in our memories and have now been replaced with the ongoing gossip surrounding the 6 ft Amazonian should-have-been-model. This is how life should be. Taylor has new ‘Bad Blood’ to concern herself with. She’s got a new boy-toy that may or may not stick around long enough for her to write an album in his honor.

I’m sure we’ll see you back next year, Taylor. But what I want to know is, will you show up? Will you interrupt Kanye as he wins? Will you try to overshadow Bey? Let’s get messy, Taytay.

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