Taylor Swift Wrote Calvin Harris’ Monster Hit Only for Him to Turn Around and Diss Her

Damn Calvin Harris, way to be a dick.

From TMZ:

Taylor Swift really is the creative brains behind Calvin Harris‘ monster hit “This is What You Came For,” and their relationship fell apart because he disrespected her when the song was released … this according to sources connected with Taylor.

Ooooooooooh snap.

During their relationship, Taylor wrote the song, sat down at a piano and did a demo into her iPhone. She sent it to Calvin, who loved it. They both went into a studio and did a full demo with Taylor on vocals and Calvin doing the beat.

They both knew the song would be a hit, but Taylor wrote it for Calvin and both agreed it was a bad idea to let the world know they collaborated as a couple … it would overshadow the song.

Apparently in order to stop their bland mayo love from overshadowing the song, Swift used the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg in the credits and everything. Of course the song became a monster hit, but the problem all started when Calvin Harris started talking s**t on his boo for no reason.

The problem in the relationship came the day the song was released. Calvin appeared on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show and Ryan asked, “Will you do a collaboration with your girlfriend?” Calvin responded, “You know we haven’t even spoken about it. I can’t see it happening though.”

Ouch. Apparently that bland shade was the breaking point of their bland relationship and it was all downhill and into Tom Hiddleston‘s arms from there.

Oi vey.

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