TBS Thinks It Can Handle a Notorious B.I.G. Bio-Series

Why do only the worst people get to execute the best ideas? Why do they have the privilege of slapping a stupid name on what has potential to be a really good thing? TBS has taken on the task of making another Notorious B.I.G. (born Christopher Wallace) biopic not even 7 years after George Tillman Jr’s Notorious. I watched that movie through ever panic attack I had for two years!! I mean I don’t always watch great movies in that state of mind, but if I watched it 4 times a week for two entire years and I still like it, that means a whole lot.

As part of a deal with the production company, Mass Appeal, the network will work with the company on a number of new projects. With new direction at TBS, perhaps there’s some hope to be had. Gone are the days of syndicated television reruns, TBS is headed for originality in Think B.I.G.

The rapper-inspired television show will follow Wallace from the bottom. With two young children and baby mamas to support, he had a lot on his plate. With pen to paper and some corner rap battles, Wallace makes it to the top. Moving forward, TBS seems to have a lot of faith in the future of their network. TBS, executive vice president of original programming shared with Variety:

Mass Appeal is a leader in developing unique stories with diverse voices. There’s no better partner for us to connect with this vibrant, impassioned audience.

Talk to me when you get around to casting.

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