Tom Hiddleston: ‘Everything With Taylor Is Choreographed’

It’s time to talk about Taylor Swift. No, we’re not addressing International Snake Day (go grab your Ekans), but instead we have more Hiddleswift rumors to address. 2016 seems to be a different year than any year I’ve experienced before. I can’t tell if this is part of getting older, the Internet getting broader or me becoming more jaded, but it seems like this is the worst presidential race in my lifetime and it seems like Taylor is going more public than ever before.

Part of Taylor’s attempt to be the biggest force in the universe is to always have a man by her side. Taylor’s PR team has had their work cut out for them. No man seems to want to stick with Taylor through the mess she makes. The juiciest Hollywood Gossip comes from a source close to Tom Hiddleston:

Tom and Taylor’s relationship was initially set up by Taylor’s PR team after they bumped into each other at Anna Wintour’s house-party.

After Calvin Harris didn’t show up at the Met Gala to accompany Taylor, we knew these were troubled waters. It was only a matter of time before the couple ended things, but she needed to have another dude on lock. So, at the Met Gala, Taylor danced with Tom Hiddleston, and why? It was:

Taylor’s desire to stay relevant within the public eye until she decides to release her next album.

With Tom up for a potential Bond role and Taylor’s aspirations to become the next Bond girl… it seemed like the perfect scenario. Talked into the publicity stunt, Tom signed on. Tom took the staged photos. Tom took Taylor to meet his mother. Tom did it all.

Tom was prepared to go along with it because he believed that he and Taylor would be able to find something in common with each other. At least have some fun together. It worked, and whilst he does care about Taylor, he is now beginning to realize that he may have made a mistake.

And it’s a little bit more than the PR… maybe Taylor thinks it’s more real than it is.

After only one month of dating, she is talking about moving in with him, getting married, and having children with him. Tom has always had huge commitment issues, so Taylor talking to him about those things, and after such a short amount of time, is really beginning to freak him out.

He wants to walk. But his career is held in the balance. He has a successful acting career, but now he feels like a sellout best known for his role as ‘Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.’

He feels like he has no choice but to adhere to her demands because he knows how much influence she has (her break up albums and the such). He didn’t get with Taylor with the intention of anything long term (previous sources regarding him wanting to ‘have fun’ and ‘blow off some steam’ [are] correct).

He could ruin his career or she could ruin his career. But as far as it goes for Swift:

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