Trump Isn’t Just A Villain In Our Universe, He’s Now A Supervillain In The Marvel Universe

Art imitates life? Life imitates art? That’s one of those age old adages I can never get right simply because all permutations seem to make the same amount of sense. Anyway, Marvel Comics has generated itself a new super villain and he seems to look much like our [least] favorite GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

Now before anyone has the thought I just had and thinks, god dammit can we not be creative for one second?, I want to stop you. Of course, the Donald gets off on the attention and he’s going to love following through with the subsequent lawsuit. But it’s important that we do this. It’s important that we continue to show the less jaded of us that super-villains, no matter how powerful they may seem, can be defeated. And in the exaggerated drawing of his likeness, we’ve made him small enough for humor. The Blaze describes the new character as:

Big head, tiny hands, an orange hue and white around the eyes.

And if that’s not enough to sell the likeness for you. How about his name?

M.O.D.A.A.K., the acronym meaning “Mental Organism Designed As America’s King”

Still not enough?

It’s straight up him. He made his first appearance in Spider-Gwen in which:

M.O.D.A.A.K. fights a losing battle against a female Captain America. And in what is likely an ironic reference to the ongoing discussion of size of Trump’s hands, M.O.D.A.A.K. warns Captain America he is going to “crush you…in…my…powerful hands.”

Our political climate is my favorite joke.

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7 years ago

Seriously. We have either Hilary the pathological liar and career opportunist and possible criminal or Trump the traveling clown show. The Dem process totally screwed us to manipulate a Hilary win, and the Republican process let the clown show win because the other candidates mostly just sucked.

America loses either way.

Capt. Cornhole
Capt. Cornhole
7 years ago

He’s got a realistic view on life. If it works do it. If not do something else. When his wife dries up, he gets a new one, casino fails, drop it. Liberals sucking the blood out of the US, madden them to the point where they end their sad little lives.