Twitter Misses the Mark Trying to Make Fun of Beyoncé

Ok so the Daily Mail does it again with the terrible headlines. Read it, read it, read all about it: “Beyonce Spotted Looking Clueless After Serena Williams Wins Wimbledon.” Jfc. Let a woman live. Don’t make this about Beyoncé, make it about that Serena fucking Williams just won her 22nd title. I don’t have 22 of anything good. 22 bad sex experiences. 22 fights with my mom. 22 enemies. 22 subtweets a day. But 22 championship titles… all by herself… that shits on every professional male athlete bragging about his three championship rings. Instead of focusing on Serena, a lot of the Internet turned to talk about the famous face in the crowd. Before I show you the tweets from the idiots…  let me show you the truth.

Solidarity, sister. 

Enter the idiots.

I’d show you more tweets but no one did anything creative this time around. This was a down day for the internet. We’re too overwhelmed with the immediate call for social justice right now, you should be too.

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