Why ‘South Park’ Isn’t Gonna Come at Pokemon Go According to Trey Parker

Pokemon Go is everywhere. And people are playing it everywhere. At the Holocaust Museum. At Beyonce concerts. Around dead bodies. This has made a lot of people ask why the hell Trey Parker and Matt Stone aren’t taking on the biggest thing of 2016. Well, at the South Park panel at San Diego Comic Con, y’all South Park fans got your answer from Trey Parker.

From Cinema Blend.

“People keep telling us about this Pokemon Go thing and asking if we’re going to do something on that, and I’m like ‘We did, in 1999.'”

They did? If you don’t remember, in a Pokemon parody episode, they beat the hell out of the first wave Pokemon craze with a spoof cartoon called “Chinpokomon” that brainwashed the kids to do everything from buy merch to be child soldiers, and even gave Kenny a seizure.

While I get that maybe they think they can’t top it, if people playing this fucking game in the Holocaust Museum is not total South Park episode material, I don’t even know what is. Come on, guys.

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