Woman Gets Brutal Revenge on Person Stealing Her Coffee Creamer at Work

This is so savage and excellent.

This subreddit of the month is blowing the f**k up because it is just wild. We’ve all had people at work jack our food and do all kinds of asshole s**t, but this woman had had enough of some jack off stealing her coffee creamer. She didn’t just get real. She got fucking even. Look at this from the thread titled “Stay away from the coffee creamer at work.”

I don’t know, if the guy is into it that’s probably not exactly revenge. But if he isn’t into it? HA!

Of course Reddit was, well, Reddit about it. Bigbluemeatbeater had this to say in an entire thread of titty puns.

That was the breast creamer I’ve ever had.

Poopedinthechili had this to add:

I have good mammaries of that coffee creamer.

Stay classy, Reddit.

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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
7 years ago

Stay classy? Have you seen the ads that pay for your 2 bedroom apartment?