Y’all Millennials Need to Stop Catching Pokemon in the Holocaust Museum

I can’t believe this is something you actually need to tell people not to do.

From Uproxx:

One of the unexpected side effects of Pokémon Go putting gyms and Pokestops at every possible landmark is that one of those landmarks is the National Holocaust Museum. In fact, there are three Pokestops tied to the museum, which has seen an uptick in visitors less interested in learning about the Holocaust and more concerned with catching a Doduos:

On Monday afternoon, there were plenty of people inside the museum who seemed to be distracted from its haunting exhibits as they tried to “catch ’em all.” A player even used a lure module, a beacon that attracts Pokemon to a specific PokeStop, on the museum’s marker — making double-headed bird-like creatures dubbed Doduos and rodent-like Rattatas practically swarm on users’ screens.

Listen. Millions of people died. Forget about your fucking Squirtle and put your phones down you pieces of s**t. Why did the people who made this fucking game even think putting Pokemon gyms in the National Holocaust Museum was a good call? What the f**k.

The museum is looking into how to have itself removed from the game, and I hope they figure it out so I can go back to hating y’all a little less. Where is Jennifer Lawrence to read people for being on their phones when you need her?

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7 years ago

Whiny Jews at it again.