‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Shot in the Neck with Flaming Arrow

Apparently America doesn’t actually got that much talent.

During the Tuesday night episode of everyone’s favorite America’s Funniest Home Videos spin off, some s**t went seriously wrong for the Canadian comedy stunt team of AmberLynn Walker and Ryan Stock.

They came onstage in a bunch of 1950’s kitsch and handling 40,000 weapons and almost came off with a lot less than that. During a stunt, Walker shot Stock in the neck with a flaming arrow, only for the judges to keep right on judging.

Weirdly enough it was Simon fucking Cowell who decided that there’s more important things to do than offer useless criticism when a man has been shot in the neck with a flaming arrow and called the judging off for the dude to get medical attention.

Stock is apparently fine, though.

Check out this wackness below:

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