Chris Brown Just Doesn’t Like Women, Allegedly Pulls Gun on Houseguest

Chris Brown has now made a career out of being the ‘1 YOU <3 2 HATE.’ He might look like your hometown’s vocal drug addict, but his tenor sings directly to your vagina. You have to tell yourself that Chris Brown isn’t that hometown drug addict that you want to have dangerous hate sex with and you have to remind yourself again that he fucked up Rihanna.

And the All Eyes On You singer is at it again. So, your update on Chris Brown is that a Los Angeles woman is currently claiming that he pointed a gun at her. TMZ, drama’s first responder, has learned that the woman had entered Brown’s residence some time last night uninvited with at least one other guest. One source claims Brown had been awake hanging with his buddy, Ray J, while another claims that Brown had been upstairs asleep the entire time. The uninvited guests were asked to leave. At some point in this story, the reporting woman alleges that a gun was pulled on her by Brown.

All morning LAPD has been stationed outside of Brown’s estate. When Ray J felt it was time to leave, he was met at the property line by warm handcuffs. Brown on the other hand, who 100% couldn’t be bothered to address the situation until he woke up at his leisure, did so via Instagram.

As of right now, the LAPD has yet to make contact with Brown. A search warrant is currently being processed so that the LAPD can see if a gun matching the description is in Brown’s possession. None of this seems good for Brown, but if he can get one more pic of his daughter out by the end of the day… it’ll all be forgiven.


Ray J’s mad too

More pics outside Brown’s house:

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7 years ago

Ray J said a whole lot of nothing.