David Fincher and Brad Pitt Could Collaborate on a ‘World War Z’ Sequel

Every once in a while Brad Pitt comes out of hiding with the intent of doing something wonderful. 9 times out of 10 it works out better than we could have imagined and this time is no different. Brad Pitt is looking to make a World War Z sequel, reprising his role of Gerry Lane, and with director Juan Antonio Bayona away on other projects, the only logical option is David Fincher.

Brad Pitt wants to make a good movie. David Fincher is the answer. Fincher is reportedly interested after having met with Pitt for negotiations. David Fincher and Brad Pitt just go together. Sign on David. Don’t make me a Sad Pitt.

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4 years ago

when I learned about the first WWZ I immediately bought one, it was good, the story, the actors, all, two thumbs up !

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