Donald Trump: There’s Really No Reason We Shouldn’t Use Nukes

Gone are the days that we assume presidential candidates must have campaign advisors. Donald Trump’s campaign has fully unwound all notions of what a serious presidential candidate should look like and unlike Vermin Supreme, he has no purpose.

Now unless Donald Trump is some super smart dude out here pretending to be dumb, the man is just out here turning the United States into his motherfucking playground. He’s tuned in to how shitty the world is. He empathizes with the weaklings. He knows the only humane thing to do with society is to nuke the f**k out of it. But while I’ve longed for a reset button, Trump might just get it. Joe Scarborough relayed an incident regarding the Donald from a few months ago, so who knows what this man is actually thinking right here right now, but here we go. When asked about his foreign policy platform, Trump turned inquisitive:

If we have them [nukes], why can’t we use them?

Trying his best to tap into Rhetoric 101, he hands off the baton of thinking to his unthinking constituents. If the Donald’s 70-year-old flesh vessel isn’t already deteriorating at lightning speed, his administration will be characterized by his newly diagnosed trigger finger. I’m not afraid of nuclear holocaust anymore.

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Rainbow butt
Rainbow butt
5 years ago

Lies.. They (lame stream media) are just part of the deceit and illusion of public “good will.” kill those people along with the rest of the broken anti-life media empire.

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