Don’t Worry, Anthony Weiner Is Still Sending Dick Pics

When you can no longer be congressman because of your pathological habit of sending nudes, the only thing left to do is stay at home. But when you’ve adjusted to a life of seeing as little of your family as possible, it’s hard to know what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not. As far as I’m concerned, Anthony Weiner, like many career politicians, is not socialized to be an actual human being.

So you see, he has this dick and he really just doesn’t know what to do with it. And my what a horrifying prospect it is to have a feral 51-year-old man loose in the world.

One unchecked moment of Anthony Weiner’s pitiful life has been the time he chose to sent an online woman photos of his underwear-clad catch with his toddler in the bed with him. The woman was not as upset as I might be–but this woman is an avid Trump supporter so we might be blurry on the consent lines–, but if that New York Post is to be believed, she’s nothing more than a busty brunette.

Stop Congressmen from Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics! Tattoo it on your body! Join the movement.

[Image: NY Post]

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