‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Is Far Off, but Fans Can Now Visit Westeros in Concert

While they wait for the winter that may never come, Game of Thrones fans have a new way of biding their time. When the USC marching band took to the streets of Hollywood playing the fan-favorite Ramin Djawadi theme, no one quite knew what was happening that day. It wasn’t until later that Live Nation announced the 28-city tour of a full Game of Thrones concert experience. We’ve seen this done before with Lord of the RingsThe Godfather and plenty of other cult favorites, but it was the show’s producers that felt it needed to be done for Game of Thrones as well.

Djawadi told Variety how the idea came to fruition:

We were in the studio together reviewing some music and one of them said, ‘I would love to see this live. I want to full orchestra. I want to see a choir.’ So we went from there.

And just like that there’s a motherfucking concert experience. It’s amazing what the money of a globally renowned series can produce. Game of Thrones money can buy a 360 degree panoramic stage, a blend of LED screens and special stage designs but if Variety‘s reports of concept art are correct, fans can expect to see a massive screen with flaming towers on either side for the choir and orchestra.

Game of Thrones is so extra.

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