‘Game of Thrones’ Will End With Season 8, But There’s a Catch

Game of Thrones is good. We like it. But all good things must die a Ned Stark death. We’re going to murder this s**t before it has a chance to become truly terrible.

HBO always does everything right and the end of Game of Thrones won’t be an exception. With a shortened seven episode season 7 still over a year away, we have to bide our time here with other important  Game of Thrones conversations. Next up on the table… how long can we make this series and keep people watching it?

Having earned its title of the most watched television show in the network’s history, there’s a lot to live up to. Creator George R.R. Martin isn’t able to write the story fast enough and we’ve already seen some of the failures of that creative model. In parts of the last season (cough cough), all of Aria’s plot line were made useless.

So basically, if HBO programming president Casey Bloys is correct in his interpretation of the show runner’s vision, what we will have for the next two seasons will be a modified miniseries. With roughly 15 episodes left total for the series, there is less space to water down events, more time to fill with monumental plot points and speedily resolve (or murder) stories. Season 8 is going to be the last. Winter is here and it has brought with it the rude awakening of an end to the series.

But, Bloys says there could be a spinoff,:

“It’s not something I’m opposed to, but it has to make sense creatively. I’m not sure the guys can wrap their heads around it when they are about to start production. We’re open to it — the guys aren’t opposed to it, but there’s no concrete plans right now.”

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