George Zimmerman Finally Got Punched in the Face, Fears for His Life

Saturn is in retrograde and karma is a cruel bitch. It may have taken over four years for George Zimmerman to get even an ounce of what’s coming to him following the shooting death of unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin, but if this is the changing of the tides… I’m here for it.

Since Zimmerman still thinks he’s in a position to leave his house–and worse, open his mouth to speak–it was really only a matter of time before he got punched in the face. So it took four years. But what would provoke such violence? If his acquittal for murder isn’t enough to get your blood boiling, perhaps his pride will. While at a bar in Sanford, Florida, Zimmerman approached a man and literally said these words:

I love your tattoos, my name is George Zimmerman, you know that guy that killed Trayvon Martin?

He then pulled out drivers license for identification! And then the universe (or in this case a reasonable bar-goer) took the meal. Zimmerman was met with the punch straight in the face that scared him so much that he felt the need to request 3 or 4 cops at the scene.

He said he’s going to kill me.

F**k you, George Zimmerman. Why is this the first headline I’ve heard of him getting punched? Why aren’t more people out here doing some real punching?

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