So, This Guy Fucked A McChicken

If he wanted some cock on cock action, he coulda just hit up Grindr. Smh.

McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches are famous for being cheap, and great for when you’re really drunk. Now, they are also gonna be known for being fucked by this idiot full-on Jason Biggs in American Pie style. Of course, the internet is freaking out.

If you really want to watch this abomination and be turned into a pillar of salt by a god that isn’t even angry, just pretty disappointed, here you go.

So, before this becomes the #HotNewViralMeme of 2016, let’s see what Twitter has to say about it.

This is bigger than Seth Rogen. It’s bigger than all of us.

Visions of that man pounding that McChicken like they are having make up sex will haunt me for far longer than six days.

Maybe like six and a half.

I have seen too much. I have lived too long. Goodbye.

[Image: Flickr]

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