Hackers Took Over the Website of Leslie Jones and Put Up Her Nude Pics

For whatever reason, people are really pissed off that Leslie Jones starred in Ghostbusters. I don’t get it. The original wasn’t even that great yet people act like she personally came to their house, ripped their childhood from their memory and raped it. In any case, her haters have resorted to defacing her website by posting her driver’s license, passport, password, phone number, comparing her to Harambe and putting her nude pics from her hacked iCloud account. Again, I don’t get it.

Her site, hosted by Tumblr, is now back in the hands of her people. Leslie has yet to respond and probably won’t because there’s really no reason to. This isn’t even a good troll. No one cares. I didn’t even try to google the nude pics. And I google everything! Naked Donald Trump? On it in two seconds. Fish giving a guy a bj? Got it in half a second. High five!

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7 years ago

Maybe the fact that you think naked Donald Trump is fine, but think naked Leslie Jones isn’t is part of the problem today.

7 years ago

If you’re a celebrity, you have to deal with things like this or get out of the business. It’s her own damn fault she has nude pics, and is dumb enough to own an iPhone to have iCloud to get hacked in the first place. I wouldn’t want to see her nude anyways.