Have No Fear, George RR Martin Is Going to Have Another Series to Help You Cope With a Post-‘Game of Thrones’ World

George RR Martin only does one thing as far as I’m concerned and that thing is write. But since we all know he’s not often writing Game of Thrones novels or at least not publishing them fast enough, you have to wonder, what is this man up to?

Well, to stick the knife deeper in the back of Game of Thrones fans patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for more news, more books and/or the return of the television show, Martin took it upon himself last night to announce a new show to be created before he even finishes the Westeros-set story. Martin typed away on his LiveJournal to introduce some of us less-read fans to Wild Cards and its rights acquisition by Universal Cable Productions.

Set in a post-World War III alternate universe in which aliens brought a virus with a 90% fatality, Wild Cards follows the stories of the survivors, many of whom have some kind of special disability. Wild Cards is a special kind of clusterfuck for the bold Martin because it doesn’t have any one perspective or even any one writer. Gizmodo describes the series (now 22-installments long) as a “shared universe anthologies, mosaic novels, books and graphic novels written by a group of 30 authors.”

It’s the kind of thing you think up while musing with a surprisingly intellectual lover post-coitus. It’s bold. It’s weird. I don’t know anything about it. Edited by famed fantasy writer, Melinda M Snodgrass alongside Martin himself, I think we can expect some great things. What those great things are? Excuse me while I read some books.

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