Here’s Everything We Know About Justin Bieber’s New Underage Girlfriend

Fire up your computers and start harassing Selena. Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend. Her name is Sofia Richie, stepsister of Nicole Richie and daughter of Lionel Richie. Basically, everything else you need to know about her has already been documented by a crew or an iPhone camera, so let’s do some social media stalking.

But let’s take pause. I want you to visualize. Everything about Sofia Richie is the manifestation of¬†The Simple Life‘s insurmountable¬†influence on the marketplace of ideas.

First up, with a father like Lionel Richie, she’s rich enough to believe she’s on the same playing field as the Kardashians.

She’s rich enough for Kylie to notice her.

When she’s not jet setting around the globe with Bieber, she’s riding the PJ with her bestie.

She has a French bulldog named Cairo (@cariorichie) who rides shotgun as he goes everywhere with her.

She vacations as much as possible.

What you’ve seen here is a teenage Instagram celebrity. A girl with a plan, an image and a formula. After Justin tried to track down a 15-year-old using Instagram, Sofia Richie was the most obvious option. She boasts an age difference that gives him the upper hand, has a father to offer mentorship and career opportunities to the young singer and they look cute prancing across the tabloids. It’s a match made in heaven.

Are you here for it?

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