Here’s That Video of Bella Thorne Making Out With Her Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend

Ugh, leave it up to me to be the one to give the people what they want. Namely, the video of Bella Thorne kissing her brother’s ex-girlfriend Bella Pendergast.

Pictures are all well and good, but it’s goddamn 2016. I can’t get off unless I have to fast forward through a minute of foreplay to get to an ultimately disappointing money shot. And there has to be tentacles. Lots of tentacles.

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5 years ago

She seriously just needs to be punched in the face(metaphorically). Her famewhoring knows no limits now, and she is just trying to cash in on the young retards who think sexuality is toy to be played with, so it’s all cool ya’ll. She is a no talent hack who is desperate for attention, so tries to use her sexuality to gain said attention because she has nothing else to offer. I hope Hollywood ignores her desperation and I certainly would never pay a penny to see her in anything. Go away loser. You suck.

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