Ikea Does Not Return Kanye’s Love

Not only does Kanye think Kanye is a modern day jesus, the most influential person alive, and a fashion designer, but he also thinks he’s the next big thing in low quality assemble it yourself furniture.

Want to know what these possibilities look like? Feast your goddamn eyes.

Ikea Australia jumped on the opportunity to mock Kanye, because of course they would.

Of course, the internet has run wild with this pretty low key and innocuous little jab and it is a delight.

Kanye West Ikea

That should cost at least $5,000 more.

Kanye West Ikea Fake Products

Yeah that’s funny, but tbh I would actually really like to have one of those chairs. Kim Kardashian isn’t the only person on earth with a fat ass. Maybe this whole Ikeanye thing wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Kanye West Ikea Fake Products 01

HA. Perfect.

Kanye West Ikea Fake Products 02

I would be all over this. Come on. It’s hilarious.

Kanye West Ikea Fake Products 03

This is it. The best one. We all know he’s a gay fish. This is my favorite feud of all time.

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4 years ago

was watching docum re: iris apfel, 91 yr old designer/fashionista and lo and behold whose ugly mug was right there in her face, that’s right kaygay himself, telling her, oh I’m such a fan” why doesnt he just come out already?

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