Johnny Depp Goes Apeshit in Leaked Video

Arrrrr. That’s my reaction to Johnny Depp smashing up his kitchen over who knows what. Amber Heard and Depp have been going at each other in their divorce case. Heard’s accused Depp of abuse which is probably the reason she secretly recorded him in this video.

TMZ got ahold of the ‘leaked’ video showing Depp slamming kitchen cabinets, throwing glasses around and taunting Heard, asking if she wanted to “see what crazy” is like.

At the end of the video, Depp discovers the camera, realizes Heard is recording him, then picks up the phone and presumably smashes it. SMAAAASH!

It also begs the question: why record this? Possible evidence for domestic abuse? Or maybe to blackmail Depp?

One source told TMZ “the video is “heavily edited” and there are portions where Amber is seen smiling and egging him on.”

The video has been submitted as an exhibit in Amber’s ongoing court case against Depp. However, it likely won’t be admitted as evidence since it’s been edited and since Heard illegally recorded Depp.

And when you realize that, you now know why it’s been “leaked” out of one court and into another, the court of public opinion.

Another PR move by Heard’s team.

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5 years ago

She did the right thing by recording it. She said his agressions were a constant since Johnny’s substance abuse scalated and its obvious she knew no one would believe her (as it happened) if she didn’t have evidences

5 years ago

Cool and all, except he never laid a finger on her. And she claims abuse, but this video shows exactly none. Well, except against the wine glass and some slammed cabinets. Also, she knows she is filming, so she was at her best, no? Remember that punk video of her in Overhaulin where she showed her true self? I mean what does that show about her, right?

She is waging a PR campaign because her legal claim is weak, as evidenced by her not doing a deposition under oath.

5 years ago

It appears to me that Johnny Depp has an abuse problem- Alcohol might be driving his problems or a drug mix with alcohol. SHE should not put up with this type of abuse.

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