Justin Bieber Has A New-New Girlfriend (Maybe)

Two weeks ago, Justin Bieber had a new girlfriend. This week, Justin Bieber might have another new girlfriend. JB and his lady love, model Bronte Blampied, were spotted gallivanting all over London just as his LA lover Sofia Richie’s age struck 18. Hey, when you’re singularly worth $200 million, you get a lover for every L-named city in the world.

But since I’ve already told you about Sofia, it’s only fair that I let you in on what I know about Bronte Blampied. Her age is unknown but if she hasn’t fallen into the fountain of youth, I judge her as about 15 based on this photo.

So I guess Justin Bieber doesn’t mind all the clubs she gets into using his name. The two were spotted helicopter riding at the V Festival and at Tape nightclub. Sources also share that Blampied was one of several girls invited to vacation in Hawaii with the Purpose singer earlier this month. Sources also highlight that Richie and Blampied are good friends. I think they’re just all part of some big, rich, good-looking Hollywood orgy.

Stalk more Blampied bullshit everywhere. SC: brontebw IG: brontebw

Good luck.

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