Kendall Jenner Stays on Brand and Dates A$AP Rocky

Do you even care if the tabloids make up stuff to make you feel better (or in my case worse)? Well, next stop on the block of things that could be made up and then confirmed by more made up sources is hot off the press. A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner are officially dating and sources say it’s the real deal.

Not only are they showing up at each other’s events and sneaking away to have romantic dinners in SoHo and not only are they posing for some good paps shots, but if the source is right, they actually fucking like each other. My heart beams and breaks at the same time. Here are two of the most versatile faces of fashion in the game right now. Here’s why this is good.

If they’re dating. They’re fucking. If they’re fucking, there’s a chance of pregnancy. That baby would be the most beautiful thing in the world. Beauty is valuable. If they’re together though, that means I can’t date either of them.

But does this mean I can date both of them?

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