Kourney Kardashian Gets Sticky to Stay Young Forever and Attract Men

Whatever works.

In case all the Kardashians aren’t basically interchangeable to you, Kourtney Kardashian has been snapped up as the face of a natural beauty campaign. As she is probably the Kardashian who has had the least plastic surgery, I guess that’s cool.

After splitting up with Scott Disick, the father of her three kids, she has proved that middle-aged single people aren’t desperate and weird at all. The Daily Mail reports she has a secret love potion:

Explaining the process on her Snapchat, she said: ‘I put this in water every day, 32 drops and I drink it throughout the day.’

Look, I’m not exactly some kinda magical guru or anything, but aren’t you supposed to give the dude you are coercing into nonconsensual love the love potion? That’s some soccer mom bullshit right there.

Sharing another one of her beauty secrets with FEMAIL, she added: ‘Put honey all over your body and clean yourself with it, it’s like an old witchcraft thing that attracts a man,’ she said.

Does it Kourtney?

Or you can try being a genuine person that makes other people feel valued. Or you can get butt implants and get honey stuck in your pubes. Whatever works.

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