Kylie Jenner Probably Got a Boob Job, but Claims She’s Just on Her Period in New Pics

For one thing, some women’s boobs swell during their period. For another, I don’t trust a girl that looked like your average awkward milk-toast mall teen in 2012.

And looks like some kinda vaguely ethnic porn star Angelina Jolie in 2016:

And wants everyone to believe that there was no surgery involved.

Plastic surgeons probably sit down with the Kardashian-Jenner axis of evil for Thanksgiving at this point. Not even as friends. Just tryna keep Kris Jenner’s nose from falling in the diet mashed potatoes.

Don’t play, girl.

When asked why her boobs look so good she had this to say.


And when asked when she got a boob job she laid down this lie.

Just like she grew a whole new mouth and nose by contouring and a whole new ass and skin tone naturally. Sure, Kylie.

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5 years ago

She is putting to much butt cream on her ass

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