Miss Teen USA Takes No Responsibility For Racist Tweets

Well, I guess it makes sense because she’s like the queen white person.

Texan Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay has been slammed after slinging the N word all over twitter years ago right after being crowned top shelf mayo queen.

I don’t know, how long can you harp on somebody for fucking up when they are 15? Especially when they are 18 currently? How much did somebody have to dig for that? 

Ooooh. This is 100% a bad look. Which is hard when you are crowned for looking professionally hot.

A lot of people weighed in on it, dragging the bitch to hell.

From The Daily Mail:

Director Xavier Burgin tweeted: ‘You can win Miss Teen USA, you can handle the extra (justified scrutiny) for your racist behavior’ and later posted:

‘And @MissTeenUSA needs to address this and revoke Karlie Hay’s win, or set the precedent racists are welcome to their event.’

Of course, this podunk Texas child didn’t have the class to just admit that she fucked up and tried to make saying racist s**t with a whole history of violence about her.

Wow, it’s almost like being professionally hot doesn’t mean you couldn’t have been a shitty or racist person 3 years ago. Or even like, last week.


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Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich
5 years ago

If people haven’t figured it out yet but I truly hate being born white. My white guilt burns my soul to a negro crisp. I mean with all the black folks in the inner-city that havent had a fair shot at life because of the White people that hold down jobs just to throw it in the faces of those who don’t want to work. Disgusting.

5 years ago
Reply to  Isadora Teich

That moment you feel bad for Isadorah… *sigh* No one chooses their colour, age, sexuality etc only their actions. An individual is not representative of you as a person just because they happen to share a single element of your personal identity. Hate the system, not the color, not yourself.

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