Do Not Play Beyoncé While Banging Mariah Carey

Fiancees James Packer and Mariah Carey have been dating for over a year, and he just discovered something very important about the notorious diva.

A source told TheFix that Packer majorly fucked up while trying to pick music for them to make sweet sweet love to.

“To get her in the mood last month, he turned on [Beyonce‘s signature smash] ‘Crazy in Love’, and oh boy, was that a disaster!” the insider told us. “Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window!”

Damn. Mariah Carey has no chill.

“Seriously, just trashed it. She ran out of the room screaming. So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house. And she had a few glasses of wine to cool down.”

Apparently he’s not allowed to play music by any other female artist out there without her pitching a fit. I mean, Mariah Carey is hot and everything, but if the condition of marrying her was only being able to listen to her music forever I think I might run screaming. I guess he doesn’t care.

“He has learned never, ever to play another female artist in the house. It’s either Mariah, jazz or classical!”

No Madonna. No Whitney. No Joan Jett even? Goddamn.

Considering she allegedly demands restaurants play her music when she goes there sometimes, I buy this.

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