The ‘Ocean’s Eight’ Cast Is Gonna Be Wild

The cast of the upcoming female driven spin off Ocean’s Eight has a cast so random that it looks like a magic eight ball picked it. I’m so ready.

We already knew that Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett were in, but check this out. According to Deadline, deals are also close with a string of high profile actresses. We are gonna have the obvious choice, Anne Hathaway, who is in every movie. We have Helena Bonham Carter, who will probably somehow still manage to play a witch directed by Tim Burton.

Moving on, we’ve got funny girl Mindy Kaling. Then we have Rihanna, who if her brutal take down of Hannibal Lecter in her “Bitch Better Have My Money” music video is anything to go by, is ready for this. She’s coming for the acting world with a vengeance lately. Then we also have Asian-American comedy rapper Awkwafina.

Wow. This movie has a lot of women in it. And even women who aren’t white. Who green-lit this? A bunch of gay hippies that are trying to destroy America?

Spoiler alert: I totally green-lit this, you guys.

Ocean’s Eight: The Ocho is still casting, so who knows who else might be in. If the current cast is anything to go by, it could be anybody from Laverne Cox to Lady Gaga to Joan Rivers’ reanimated corpse. Which I think would be great. 

You gonna pull a heist? Not in those shoes. 

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