Orlando Bloom Wants To Father Katy Perry’s Children, Sources Say

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are real deal in love and whatever. A source recently told PEOPLE that while they aren’t engaged yet, it’s basically only a matter of time. Apparently Orlando Bloom is even looking to start a family with her.

The actor, 39, who shares 5-year-old son Flynn with ex-wifeMiranda Kerr, “always gushes about Katy and thinks she is amazing in a million ways,” says the source. “He would love to settle down with Katy and have more kids. He hasn’t been this serious about a girl since Miranda.”

Chill Orlando. It’s 2016. We live in a post-commitment era. Get with it.

According to another source, one of Perry’s friends, the pair aren’t in any kind of rush, especially Perry. She’s still fucked up from being married to human ashtray Russell Brand.

“She’s not going to rashly make a huge commitment like marriage again unless she thinks it’s absolutely right,” says the friend.

I give it 3 months tops before they are either married or broken up in a spectacular fashion.

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5 years ago

Post commitment era? Oh, so that is why society is so effed right now. Go look at the out of wedlock births and by demos and tell me this bullshit about marriage and commitment not being a good thing is supported by hard data. You millennials are fucking up the entire country with you asinine ideals, or lack thereof.

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