Does Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Have Multiple Sclerosis?

A lot of sources are coming out and saying that Hilary Clinton has been hiding her struggle with multiple sclerosis from the world throughout her entire campaign.

According to Radar, Clinton is in the early stages of the disease which destroys your nerves and savages your whole body. It can cause vision problems, weakness, blood clots, blackouts, and fainting.

Pictures of Clinton wearing the kind of prism glasses used to correct vision problems as well as her long history of fainting and falling all over the place have raised a lot of questions.

While this seems totally nuts, Hilary wouldn’t be the first US President (because let’s face it, Trump is over) to have horrible health problems. FDR had polio and malaria, and he wasn’t even the only U.S president to be down with the sickness. Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, and six other presidents had malaria.¬†George Washington alone had TB, dysentery, and diphtheria.

Lots of sick ass people ran the country. It was ok. Let’s see if this is even real first or if people are just drawing at straws because they a) hate women or b) hate people who get to be president for the same s**t Edward Snowden got exiled for.

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7 years ago

F**k you and your ableist attitude.”horrible” health problems. “sick ass people.” It’s really not a big deal, I’ve had MS 12 years and the worst it has affected me is I walk with a cane. It affects everyone differently, but for most people, especially those who are an otherwise functioning, intelligent, ambitious person, it is nothing more than a nuisance.

Robert Elmore
Robert Elmore
7 years ago
Reply to  Michael

How old are you Michael?