R. Kelly Ready to Pee on a 19-Year-Old

Bust out the confetti. 49-year-old R. Kelly is rumored to be dating 19-year-old Halle Calhoun.

This would sound sketchy as hell if it wasn’t for the fact that, at 24, R. Kelly met the then 12-year-old Aaliyah Haughton and married her 3 years later by faking her marriage certificate so it would seem like she was 18. Aaliyah would be just one of the many teenagers R. Kelly was accused of sleeping with.

You can’t also forget that in 2002, the Sun-Times received a tape of R. Kelly having sex with and peeing in a 14-year-old’s mouth. A girl he allegedly drugged. A second tape, the one that actually got him indicted, was his goddaughter who had just finished 8th grade. Then there was a third tape and, later, photos discovered of R. Kelly having sex with more underage girls.

By all accounts, this relationship with Calhoun may be the most normal relationship he’s ever had. And, hey, maybe all those past indiscretions can be attributed to a big misunderstanding of the word “teenager”.

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7 years ago

Sounds like he’s a pedophile