Ryan Lochte Made the Whole Getting Robbed at Gunpoint Thing Up

Remember Ryan Lochte’s short-lived reality show where he tried really hard to show everyone how big of a douche he really is? I think it was called Ryan Lochte Is a Douche. And remember this interview he did?

Pretty stand-up guy who doesn’t seem like the type who would fabricate a story to cover up something stupid he did, right? Well, do I have surprising news for you. Now that the story about Ryan Lochte and his swim team being robbed at gunpoint is blowing up, his story is starting to fall apart.

TMZ reports that Lochte and his teammates didn’t get robbed, per se. They sort of got really drunk, stopped at a gas station to take a leak, kicked down and broke a bathroom door causing gas station security to come up with a gun and force them to pay for the damages. I mean, it’s sort of the same as having a gun pointed at your temple and being told to give up your money. Just some minor differences. That’s all.

Oh, hey. Bet Lochte and his buddies didn’t think Rio had security cameras.

The video shows the swimmers walking and leaving the bathroom. As soon as they get into their taxi, an employee comes up and tells them to get out. They all have their hands up and are sitting on the ground near the end of it. The team could face prosecution for lying to cops. They could also face more heavy sighs of disappointment from their parents. I’m not sure which is worse.

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