Ryan Lochte Down! Ryan Lochte Down!

Ryan Lochte lied about him and his teammates being robbed at gunpoint in a taxi when they were in reality vandalizing a gas station bathroom and being asked to pay for damages. Lochte did an interview with Matt Lauer who he previously lied to. Watch Lauer’s face fill with glee as he grills Lochte about why he was such a douchebag.

Lauer is like one of those parents who finally caught their kid in a lie and wants to milk it.

The full interview below has Ryan Lochte trying to downplay everything. He says he “left some details out” and “over-exaggerated” and he doesn’t want to use being drunk as an excuse but he was drunk. Yea, like how I “leave some details out” and “over-exaggerate” on my Tinder dates.

When asked how he would respond now if he was asked whether or not he was robbed in Rio, Lochte basically shrugs his shoulders and basically says the definition of robbed is up for interpretation. Give this man a dictionary. And a thesaurus while you’re at it.

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