Is the ‘Scarface’ Remake Going to Suck?

Okay. So it’s 2016. We’re making remakes because we’ve run out of ideas. It hasn’t really been going all that well for us yet, but if it’s true that Straight Outta Compton writer, Jonathan Herman wrote the script for the Scarface remake then this could be the first time I’ve been grateful.

But then again, Antoine Fuqua, the man responsible for the shitshow that will likely be The Magnificent Seven (why hasn’t QT sued yet?) could be the one to burn this baby right into the ground. But it gets worse.

David Ayer has been involved with this rewrite. But then again Donnie Branco screenwriter Paul Attanasio has been in talks. This is good. This is fine. But don’t talk to me until we have some proper casting.

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4 years ago

They can’t make it good no way , al pacino IS scarface just stop with all those panic remakes they will turn out shitty

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