Skeletons In Blake Shelton’s Closet Include Racist, Rapey Tweets

Blake Shelton, known mostly for nailing Gwen Stefani unless you like country music or reality TV, is now also gonna be known for being an asshole on Twitter.

Somebody dug up his weird tweets from 5 years ago, which he tried to delete, but when you have millions of followers everything you ever do will be under scrutiny forever.

Look at this.

blake shelton

Bro, that’s some Donald Trump shit right there.

blake sheltonConsidering he’s like 70 now maybe he should have gotten over this at some point before his liver spots set in.

blake shelton 2

What gay followers? We don’t have time for your podunk shit, Blake.Β blake shelton 4

‘Fore head,’ huh?

Man he has the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy whose only interests are Cheetos and calling people ‘faggots’ while playing COD.

blake shelton 2

Yo, look, In 2011 Dakota Fanning was 16. If you are gonna dream about flopping your little John Deere on a child don’t tweet about it. Keep that shit to yourself.

Twitter is coming for him, like Twitter does.

Y’all dragging a grown ass man over five year old comments he made. He deserves it, but like don’t we have bigger problems than shit Blake Fucking Shelton tweeted five years ago?

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Juanita Schuster
Juanita Schuster

The good news is maybe this phony hookup will end. Gwen’s Hollywood friends will probably shun her unless she does a “pretend” breakup. The bad news is Blake might lose his Vodka and underwear endorsements along with his red chair.

Isadora Teich
Isadora Teich

You just made that dude my hero…minus the queer ass move he made trying to delete those posts. It’s a shame queers think it’s alright to talk trash about normal people but when normal people make some jokes queers want to get all….queer about it. Want to be treated like normal people? Take it like a man


Plus, the worst sin of all: he’s white!
– I. Teich


He’s right about wearing Chuck Taylor’s though. From now on I’m going to dress up like a cowboy instead.

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