Steve Irwin Might Have Been Stoned While Being Stabbed by a Stingray

I hope so. If I was gonna die being pierced through the chest by a stingray I would wanna be high as fuck.

According to Radar, Steve Irwin was on a powerful hallucinogenic when he was stabbed by the giant sting ray and his death was avoidable. This comes from a source close to Irwin, and a decade after his death the case has been reopened.

The source says that he was trippin on shrooms and high as fuck when he chased that ray, as he often was poking snakes with sticks while high as fuck.

Could this mean that his family kept his autopsy and burial hush hush and destroyed all the footage from that day to keep Irwin’s love of mushrooms a secret?

Could y’all just be ripping open a family’s wounds with dumb rumors?

I don’t know.

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