Taylor Swift Turned Down Tom Hiddleston’s Marriage Proposal Y’all

What the f**k?

Taylor Swift, who can’t write a song that doesn’t revolve around needing a man forever, finally found a man she can need forever and isn’t into it.

Wow? Going back on s**t she says? Waffling harder than the International House of Pancakes?

Not like she’s ever done that s**t before.

A source told In Touch Weekly:

“She feels bad because she’s the one who originally told Tom she wanted to get married, but now she isn’t sure what she wants,” the source reveals. “She ruined the whole surprise, which left Tom upset for obvious reasons. But he was also crushed that she was telling him she wanted to wait.”

Man, they are grown ass adults rushing into marriage like it’s some kind of Olympic event. Slow down maybe?

I believed this, but considering this source is making Tom Hiddleston out to be the kind of dude that lays down weirdly heavy ultimatums like a jack off, I am not really sure.

“He gave her an ultimatum about getting engaged,” the source continues. “She’s now telling everyone she’s made a ‘decision to make a decision’ by the end of August. She knows she either has to get engaged or leave Tom.”

Honestly, if you are gonna start your marriage off on a threat that doesn’t involve your kingdom being burned down because it’s the goddamn dark ages you might just wanna not, my dog.

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