The Duffer Brothers Were Turned Down To Direct Stephen King’s ‘It’ And That’s Why We Have ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things may have gone over the Netflix community as a huge hit for the Duffer Brothers, but the most important brothers in Hollywood don’t think it’s enough for them to take on the remaking of a classic in Stephen King’s It.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the Duffer Brothers (who at this point I’m yet to be convinced are separate entities) to try to find out what their next project could be. The Duffer called Matt details the time he approached the Warner Brothers with his offer to direct It:

We’d asked Warner Brothers. I was like, ‘Please,’ and they were like, ‘No.’ This was before Cary Fukunaga. This was a long time ago.

And now they’ve all but missed their chance. It will be remade in 2017 and who knows if it will be good. My theory is that the Duffer Brothers were turned down because they were too good for the task. They wanted too much for it. They loved it too much. Remakes don’t get that kind of affection. Remakes don’t ask for that much effort. Give it and you’ll only be disappointed.

So the duo went on to make Stranger Things and I’ve been thankful ever since.

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