USO (Unidentified Severed Leg) Tryna Get in on That Rio Olympic Gold

This is proof that you really can accomplish great things if you only believe in yourself. #StartedAtTheBottomNowWeHere

The Independent reports that a random severed leg was kicking it in the waters off Rio de Janeiro as Olympic sailors did their non-sexual sailor related athletics in the Guanabara Bay.

As the bay already had the reputation of the meat pie shop in Sweeney Todd, it isn’t exactly getting a leg up in this instance. Originally all the raw sewage was the main concern, but it turns out that the bay is more of a human-stew-raw-sewage mix.

The leg was removed at the hip, and likely belongs to another victim of the city’s crime. Authorities took samples, but doubt they will ever figure out who the leg’s owner was. Finding body parts in that bay is all in a day’s work for Rio’s police.

Main question, what place did the leg come in, though?

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