Is Vanessa Hudgens Getting Married?

Still waiting on the Vanessa Hudgens sex and meth tape. Don’t all Disney stars spiral out of control? Not Hudgens I guess. She recently made it known that she didn’t want to take part in  High School Musical 4. At the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, Hudgens said “I did my thing. Let them do theirs” in response to returning to the franchise.

Wise choice. No one wants to see High School Musical 4: The Beer Belly, Saggy Tits Years.

Hudgens will, though, be seen in Powerless, NBC’s new show set in the world of DC Comics. It’s related to superheroes, yes, but it’s more about the ordinary people whose lives get turned upside down by the action of superheroes. Hudgens will star as a claims adjuster. How…sexy.

TBH, this actually sounds interesting. Will watch.

The big news, though, is possible wedding bells. Her relationship with Austin Butler seems to be going well. According to something called Morning Ledger:

Vanessa and her boyfriend Austin have been painting the town [Portofino, Italy] red and reports claim that the couple might soon get hitched. Reportedly, Austin has been making plans to propose his ladylove sometime soon.

Who the hell uses “ladylove” in a sentence? I must’ve traveled back to the 1950’s.

Anyway, Hudgens looks old now. She’s got those lines around her mouth. I imagine her drawing on her lipstick, whipping off her stage wig and exclaiming in a raspy voice, “I used to be somebody!”

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7 years ago

Those pants are hideous. And she had great legs, so always bummed when she hides them. Her legs/ass combo are spectacular. She needs to accentuate that better.